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Nizo Ultra Wide Lens Type III
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Ultrawide Lens Type III made by Schneider Kreuznach. Can be used on all cameras with lens thread M62 x 0,75 or M67 x 0.75. The lenses must be suitable for macro filming.

Will fit following cameras for example:

  • Nizo Professional
  • Nizo 801 macro
  • Nizo 4080
  • Nizo 6080
  • Nizo Integral 10
  • Bauer A 512
  • Bauer C 109 XL
  • Bauer C 900 XLM
  • Bauer S 209 XL
  • Bauer S 409 XL
  • Bauer S 609 XL
  • Bauer S 709 XL

7 mm focal length lenses are converted to 4 mm with a diagonal angle of view of 83°. This means about three times more in the picture, which is certainly a great advantage when shooting in a room.

In addition the depth of focus is so greatly increased that in most cases no place as if a fixed focus camera were being used. An additional advantage is that uncontrolled movements of the camera are no longer catastrophic.

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